Non-EU Citizens

In addition to a student visa, foreign nationals (NON EUROPEAN UNION NATIONALS) who intend to stay in Italy for more than 3 months must obtain a sojourn permit. If you are arriving in Italy for the first time you must request your sojourn permit within 8 days of your arrival in Italy. The permit is valid for one year and must be renewed each year. If you already have a sojourn permit and wish to renew it, you must request the renewal within 60 days of the expiry of the current permit.

The Academy’s administrative staff in Florence provides the students with all the documentation, required for the visa application.

EU Citizens

It is not necessary for EU citizens to obtain a study visa or sojourn permit.

If you intend on staying in Italy for less than 3 months you are not required to make any formal declaration or request. If you intend on staying in Italy for longer than 3 months you must register with the city hall of Florence (Ufficio Anagrafico of the Comune in via Baracca 150/p.)

Family members of EU citizens who are not themselves EU citizens are registered with the authorities by the the EU citizen family member.

Medical Insurance

Students should request the European Health Insurance Card (formerly E111) from the National Health Department.


The Academy’s administrative staff offers help and guidance to students seeking housing, although students enrolling at International Art Academy in Florence are completely responsible for organizing accommodation for themselves. It is recommended that students do so before leaving for Italy. The rental price for a room in Florence starts from 300 Euro, but it is necessary to arrange all the bookings well in advance.

There are a number of websites where one can look for rooms/apartments to rent in Florence. Most of these are listed below:

Facebook communitites. There are many posts with different rental offers from property owners without an agency fee. You can also write a post, specifying the type of accomodation you are looking for, timing and budget.

Websites with offers from both property owners and agencies.

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