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The Academy has never changed its purpose – to educate young artists. From the very beginning, the basis of this education has been a harmonious methodical system. This system has changed and improved, reflecting the new growing needs of the time. The Academy gives versatile, deep knowledge that enables our students to develop their artistic voice and work in various directions, from classical to contemporary art.


Our philosophy

– Personal and academic integrity;
– Creative thinking;
– Good governance and management;
– Professionalism and diligence;
– Ethical behavior;
– Civic responsibility;
– Multi-cultural awareness and tolerance;
– Sustainability of resources;
– Personalised attention and student focus.

In 2017 the initiative of state Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg was the impetus for the opening of the official representative office of the Russian academic school in Florence. During the process of developing its activities, the Academy has acquired new cooperation with a number of outstanding artists. Every year the Academy opens contemporary directions in the study of classical art. Thus, in 2019, there was established a new faculty “Artist of Architecture”, which has no analogues in the world. The unconditional basis for didactic programs of the Academy is the art of Renaissance, postulates of which have been preserved for centuries in the educational system of the Russian academic school. Unique methods of teaching the techniques of realistic figurative art are explained to the students of the Academy by professors with a rich practical experience. At the heart of all the Academy’s programs is a consistent and systematic acquisition of knowledge, that combines a set of disciplines, that were particularly admired by the geniuses of Renaissance. Education system fully recreates a complex approach to the formation of the artist ‘s personality. Figurative art skills developed to perfection, combined with universal Renaissance thinking enable our students to achieve great results. In addition to working with live nature, the artist should understand not only anatomical features of the body, but also convey movement, proportions, perspective. To be able to build a composition in space, to perceive it through studying the history of arts, museum teaching, restoration and finally to realize his own creativity in the modern world with a help of art marketing tools. The Academy constantly organizes exhibitions, concerts, conferences, master classes – such activities allow students to feel the synthesis of all types of art and to advance in the individual style and understanding of their purpose as an artist



Why choosing Florence as a destination for study?

  • There is no language barrier – all the courses are conducted in English; 
  •  General country reputation of Italy as a cultural destination is one of the highest in the world; 
  •  High safety ranking; 
  •  Unique cultural heritage; 
  •  A great variety of lifestyle and leasure opportunities; 
  •  Opportunity to expand professional contacts network and enter on a new market, opening new horizons in career development and personal growth. 

Why studying at St. Petersburg Art Academy in Florence?

  •  Unique didactic program for studying academic style in visual art; 
  •  Teaching method is based on the authentic traditions of the Renaissance; 
  •  Mixture of both traditional and modern approaches for teaching; 
  •  Guarantee for acquisition of basic knowledge that can be successfully applied in modern art; 
  •  Great quantity of practical work and assignments; 
  •  Location in a very heart of historic center of Florence in a splendid 15th century palace with a great history; 
  •  Academy offers a library and wireless connection on all its territory; 
  •  Academy’s staff also provides an assistance in finding an accommodation and administrative support.  
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