Post-graduate second level Masters’s Academic Course. Full-time program.

Specialization: Vision Arts and Restoration.

Duration of a Course: 1 year.

The programme includes: Professional Practice

Principles of content selection and management of didactic material

– step-by-step sequence of developing a course from easy to hard, including the focus on analysis of the famous Masters’ artworks;

– detecting and emphasizing the targets of the course in a didactic material;

– enhancing the volume of didactic material with a help of self-training similar to


Main criteria of didactic material content selection

– correspondence to the targets of the course;

– correspondence to the individual possibilities;

– correspondence to the material possibilities.

Quality control of the knowledge assimilation

– testing an control of the theoretical knowledge assimilation and methodological guidelines in practical painting assignments;

– step-by-step guidance and control of the methodology of realizing the practical painting and restoration assignments;

– midterm attestation;

– negotiation and approval of the self-training painting and restoration assignments;

– consulting and guidance on self-training painting and restoration assignments.

Final attestation

Final attestation of the painting and restoration practical assignments quality is performed in a form of exam.


Official Diploma is awarded to students after successful completion of a program of study.

Enrollment deadline

Enrollment is open during the overall academic year

Career opportunities

After completion of a course in Visual Arts and Restoration: professor of Painting and Drawing, Art Director, Professional freelance, Paintings Conservator under control of a responsible institution, Graphic Designer, Collaborations with public/magazins/newspapers, Collaborations with museums and galleries


60 ECTS or 40 Credit Hours for 1 academic year of study


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