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The Academy has never changed its purpose – to educate young artists. From the very beginning, the basis of this education has been a harmonious methodical system. This system has changed and improved, reflecting the new growing needs of the time. The Academy gives versatile, deep knowledge that enables our students to develop their artistic voice and work in various directions, from classical to contemporary art.


Saint Petersburg Art Academy in Florence is the first institution in Italy that represents the Russian academic traditionin figurative art, offering an academic course in Drawing, Painting and Restoration, based on the original program of the leading universities of Russia – globally recognized and highly appreciated worldwide.


All of the disciplines are taught by the leading experienced instructors of the best russian High Schools, Institutions, Academies, Universities, specialized in figurative art.


In addition to studying painting and drawing, the program also focuses on the advice of Leonardo da Vinci, paying attention to perspective, atmosphere, proportion, light and shadows, anatomy, colors and overall personal development. Our students learn Plastic Anatomy, Art History, and the Italian Language as an important cultural component of the Renaissance.

An important part of the education is copying masterpieces of great artists, belonging to different movements (Schools) and learning restoration techniques.

The program also includes a wide range of academic disciplines, such as Art world Marketing and Management for Independent Artists, Photography, Art Pedagogy, Museology, Art Philosophy, Art Therapy.

The full-time programs include 6 academic hours of study per day from Monday to Friday.

The part-time programs include 3 academic hours of study per day from Monday to Friday.

Basic Disciplines

Drawing (portrait, nude).

Copy of Academic Drawing and Painting.

Painting (portrait, nude figure).

City landscape. Short etudes.


Technique and Technology of Pictorial Materials.

Easel Painting Restoration and Conservation.

Plastic Anatomy.

History of Art.

Other Disciplines

Italian Language.

Art world Marketing and Management for Independent Artists.

Art Philosophy.

Art Therapy.

Art Pedagogy.


Multimedia projects.

Course language

Official language of all the courses is English. Formally, neither IELTS nor TOEFL language proficiency test is required for the Enrollment. We fully trust the students, who are attending the courses, to have a sufficient level of English in order to get all the information, given by the Professor.

The benefits of studying at St. Petersburg Art Academy in Florence

Unique didactic program for studying academic style in Visual Arts;

Teaching method is based on the authentic traditions of the Renaissance;

Mixture of both traditional and modern approaches for teaching;

Guarantee for acquisition of basic knowledge that can be successfully applied in modern art;

Great quantity of practical work and assignments;

Location in a very heart of historic center of Florence – unique Italian city with the richest traditions and cultural heritage;

Academy offers a library and wireless connection on all its territory;

Academy’s staff also provides an assistance in finding an accommodation;

Academy constantly organizes exhibitions, concerts, conferences, master classes – such activities allow students to feel the synthesis of all types of art and to advance in the individual style and understanding of their purpose as an artist.


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