3 Easy Steps to sell Art online

Artist is a brand! You are not just selling art but a whole story behind it.  

So, when your artwork is ready a new challenge arises: how can you now sell it? The truth is, that it’s not only about mastering your skills as an artist, but also about learning how to use some marketing tools. To succeed in art, you also need to succeed in marketing. Whether you’d like to sell your arts on a web-site, social media or arts platform, just follow these 3 easy steps.

  1. Identify your target audience. The only way to make your marketing message more clear and effective, so that it can stand out of the crowd, is to define who exactly your customers are. What are the main characteristics of this group: socio-demographic information (age, gender, place of living, marital status, etc) personality type, values,  behavior,  language of communication? What problems and pain points they may have? What factors can hold them back from buying artworks? Ex: your showing space is not attractive enough, lack of publicly available pricing, doubts about shipping to the other country and many more. What are the solution they may be seeking? You need to get the insights about your customers to deliver a message they’ll pay attention to
  2. Establish a base line of trust and authority. Common reason why your art is not selling is a lack of trust. Present yourself like a likeable authority. Bold dates and facts are not interesting, nowadays it’s all about storytelling – illustrate your values, try to evolve your audience. Artist is a brand! You are not just selling art but a whole story behind it.  When your audience gets to know exciting  facts about the artist’s life struggle: unforeseen difficulties, sudden opportunities, starting point of change  – it all pulls them closer. Your brand, reputation, backstory are all part of your engaging storytelling. Your artworks reflect your origin story of how you became an artist.
  3. Sort out what benefits does your audience get once they bought your art. Customers do not buy products, they buy emotions and benefits! Line out both emotional and logical benefits. Remember that there’re too many accounts trying to SELL art, do not copy them, offer what is interesting to YOUR audience, try to solve THEIR pain points. Speak the language of your intended audience and address the problems and desires that this audience expresses. Enter a conversation that’s already taking place. 

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