Still Life in grisaille technique tutorial

Dear friends!
We are starting a series of publications devoted to describing the stages of work on a still life in grisaille technique. Our students began a work on a still life, we will be happy to share with you all the subtleties of this process.

For an artist, it is necessary to identify the shape of an object with the help of tone relations, since it is precisely the tone that shows the shape and volume of any object, participates in the sculpting of the form with a pencil, brush and other material. In the practice of grisaille painting, a limited palette is used – only one or two colors, mainly black. Previously, students make a sketch of the still life composition in their albums.

The composition of the picture is the foundation of the subsequent work. Here we solve the problems of the proportions of objects in relation to each other, their placement in the canvas space, the dynamics and movement of objects, their shape, tone saturation. When the sketch is ready, we proceed to transfer it to the canvas. The drawing is done with charcoal or earth pigment. When the drawing is refined, it is fixed with a fixative. Then we start underpainting with detailed sculpting of the form and clarification of the tone structure of the piece.

To be continued…stay tuned!

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