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Academy of Art S. Peter's

The Academy has never changed its purpose of training talented artists. From the very beginning, the basis of this education has been a harmonious methodical system. This system has changed and improved, reflecting the new growing needs of the time. The Academy gives versatile, deep knowledge that enables our students to develop their artistic voice and work in various directions, from classical to contemporary art.

Saint Petersburg Art Academy in Florence is the first institution in Italy that represents the Classical Renaissance Traditions in figurative art, offering an academic course in Drawing, Painting and Restoration, based on the original program of the leading universities of Russia – globally recognized and highly appreciated worldwide.


Study the Classical Academic
Traditions of Art in
the Historical
Center of Florence

Didactics are based on both the original accredited state program of the Russian institutions, specialized in Culture and Art, and also on modern European academic program;

Guarantee for acquisition of basic knowledge that can be successfully applied in modern art;

Great quantity of practical work and assignments;

Location in a very heart of historic center of Florence in a splendid 15th century palace with a great history;

Academy offers a library and wireless connection on all its territory;

Academy’s staff also provides an assistance in finding an accommodation and administrative support.


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Phone: +39 055 035 1530
E-mail: info@florusart.com
Address: Piazza della Libertà, 2 – 50129 Firenze
Monday — Friday 09:30 – 18:00